How It Works


We want to learn about your business

What do you sell? Are you just starting out or do you have a solid client base? How have you gotten clients in the past? Who is your ideal new client? Have you done mailings in the past? We want to figure out what needs to be incorporated on your invitations to get the best results.

Design your invitation

You tell us the time(s), date(s), venue and anything else you want on your invitation. Our expert designers will come up with a design that entices potential clients to come listen to your presentation. Want to highlight the dinner menu or give a sneak-peak at your products? We will let you know what has worked for previous invitations and create your design exactly to your specifications. Click here to see samples of our invitation designs.

Define your mailing list

You tell us about your ideal client. We will acquire a mailing list to invite these people to your seminars. Not sure? We will let you know the best practices in mailing lists and how to get the most people to your seminars.

Print and mail your invitations

With state-of-the-art printing and mailing equipment we will make sure you have the best looking piece with the lowest postage rates available, saving you money!

You host a seminar and get new clients!

Add-On Options

Mail Tracing

Want to know where your mail is as it progresses though the postal system? This new feature from the USPS gives you peace of mind and lets you see where your invitations are in real time. You can know that your mail is being delivered and when to expect incoming reservation calls.

Call Reservations

We will establish dedicated phone lines to handle your phone RSVPs 24/7 leading up to your event. Professional phone representatives will be able to answer frequently asked questions your potential clients may have to ensure you do not lose any leads. You will have an online portal where you can login and see how many people have called and how many reservations you have for each seminar.

Call Recording

Want to listen to what questions your potential clients have? We can record each call and you can easily listen from your online portal. This is a great way to address any questions your potential clients have during your seminar.

Reservation Confirmations

Give your potential clients a friendly reminder and attempt to reschedule anyone who cannot make it. Live calls will be made starting 48 hours before each event to each person who has registered to attend.

Website Landing Page

Our team will create a dedicated landing page that lives on your website so you can capture leads and RSVP’s from those who prefer to connect online. We will put the landing page URL on your invitation so potential clients can visit you online.