Benefits of using Seminar Simplicity

Proven Design

We know what works and what doesn’t, and we want to share that knowledge with you. For example, we will put a very enticing picture of the food that will be served, and the logo of your seminar location on the outside of the mailer to grab the prospect’s attention. Click here to see samples of our invitations.

Accurate Lists

We have access to the most comprehensive lists in the country and can tailor your mailing lists to exactly what you want. From area, age, income, income-producing assets, interests, profession and ethnicity we can make your list as specific as you’d like. We also have a master database of all advisors and agents, so we will be sure that we don’t mail to any of those records, saving you money!

Quality Products

Your invitation represents you, which is why we ensure that all of your printing is the gold standard. State-of-the-art printing and mailing equipment will make your invitation stand out in the crowd.

Best Customer Service

We pride ourselves in great customer service, with fast response times and all of your questions answered clearly. We want you to feel confident that your invitations are going to bring in prospects. Nothing makes us happier than an advisor calling us to let us know they have to add a fourth seminar date because the first three are already full.

ROI: We understand that your ROI is the only thing that really matters. We want to work with you to create a mailpiece that works.

Best Practices

Seminar Location

Your seminar location can have a big effect on your attendance, so you want to tailor it to your demographic. We recommend always holding it at well-known restaurants. Higher-income prospects might only want to go to the hippest place in town, whereas retirees might be thrilled with the local home-style restaurant.

Multiple Seminar Days

We recommend hosting at least two days of your seminar to give potential clients an option, and always on a different day of the week.

Best Times

The best times to host seminars are mid-week, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Always avoid holidays, and be sure there are no local events in your area that could affect your attendance.

Lunch or Dinner?

Most seminars are held over dinner, but depending on your target demographic, lunch might be a more cost-effective option.

Mail Tracing

You will have piece-of-mind knowing exactly where your mail is and when it is expected to be delivered. Knowing when your invitations will hit households lets you be prepared for incoming reservations.

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